Saturday, May 24, 2014

New portable countertop ironing board - DIY

This is a project I have been wanting to do for a while now and finally had a board to use and made the time!!  Previously, I had a small countertop ironing board but I didn't like that it wasn't flat on the counter.  Since my brother-in-law is building a house right now, and I saw he had boards laying around, I asked him if his contractor had any trash ones he wasn't going to keep.  Well, he didn't at the time but a week or so later, the contractor saved me about 3 pieces to choose from.  How nice was that?  This one actually is a shelf, just the right size but I do have a much larger piece of plywood I am saving just in case I want something bigger in the future.  One thing I've noticed after using this a few days is that my ironing has been crisper and I am happy about that.  My inspiration to make this came from The Crafty Gemini who used a recycled puzzle board. 

Here are my supplies: board, cotton batting, Indie Artgallery fabric, non slip shelf liner (or rug grip) for the bottom and hot glue gun.  The first thing you want to do is cut your batting a few inches bigger than the board.  Then cut your fabric a little bigger than the batting.  Lastly, cut your non slip grip the same size as the board and set that aside. 

Next, you glue the batting down while pulling it taut and miter the corners to reduce bulk. 
The next thing you want to do is add your fabric and glue down and miter the corners, similar to how you would wrap a present in the corners.  
Then fold that triangular part and glue down. 
Here it is on the back with the non slip grip stuff glued on.  

and here it is completed  - action shot!  totally didn't even realize it was going to match my Oliso so well.  Serendipitous!  I just grabbed some fabric from my stash that was pretty enough to look at all the time!  I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial with all the pics and it may inspire you to make an ironing board for yourself.  If you do, I'd love for you to share yours with me!  


  1. Nice tut! It looks really doable. I'm using regular ironing board but I read than for sewing is better to have harder board like this one. So will see I might make it one day.

  2. Hi Donna,

    Great idea for your counter ironing board! I need to make a new cover for mine. How do you like your Oliso? I used to use Rowenta's, but they are not the quality they used to be. Spending $100+ every year was getting frustrating. I bought a Black and Decker that had good reviews almost 2 years ago, but it has started to leak. I like lots of steam, what is your opinion on the Oliso? I have a birthday coming, so I might ask for one. Visiting from Sewjo Saturday.


  3. I just made a new cover today for mine as well. I like your way of attaching it better. I cut mine a bit short on the open end, oh well, it will be dirty soon and ready for a new one :)

    1. that's great - easy to recover I'm sure. so just like changing seasons, we can change our covers!

  4. It's amazing how our pressing surfaces can affect pressing blocks and fabric. Thank you for the tutorial.

  5. Great idea! I'm always lugging my ironing board around when working on sewing or craft projects. It would be great to have a smaller ironing board like this to tote with me. Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Hi Donna, thanks for commenting on my blog!
    I love your ironing board! So clever and practical. I will certainly make one myself for my craft-room-to-be: no more lugging fabric around the house :)
    Have a nice weekend!